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About Flowtronics

Flowtronics was established in 2008 as a supplier of flow measurement instrumentation. Since then, we have built a physical presence in all Over India supported by our experienced network of representatives and distributors. Since our inception we have acquired or partnered with a number small flow companies specializing in various unique technologies in order to offer our customers a one stop-shop solution for their application needs. Regional manufacturing and quality control operations were established to offer our customers localized engineering, service and installation.

By leveraging our 12+ years of flow engineering experience, we are able provide our customers with superior value and convenience for nearly any flow measurement application. Unlike most flow manufacturers, Flowtronics has the ability to provide choices among several different flow measurement technologies. By offering this wide array of technologies, Flowtronics is able to deliver superior value to the end user by providing the ideal technology for their specific application at the best price.

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The procurement process for control instrumentation requires personnel that can offer competitive pricing, application assistance, technical training, installation, and field service. Our Indian partners†knowledge of their respective local markets' requirements, combined with their access to Flowtronic's complete array of products enables them to provide superior value to the end-user.

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